How Scared are They?

In the 2008 cycle of elections the radical left Democratic party told us conservatism was dead–what they call the “radical right” (which is really mainstream America) was dead. The Republican party was now irrelevant. Remember?

If that is the case, then why is the Democratic Party (the Soro’s Socialist Party) running so scared? We’re dead; we are irrelevant right?

Then why is Soro’s running ads on Craigslist to “”counter the hysteria and lies of Glenn Beck and other talking heads” and “stop the tea-baggers!” They will pay you 24 grand + health insurance (is that with or without the public option?)

You think I jest? . . . check it out! The caption on the ad reads, “Whose agenda will win in 2010.” Note it doesn’t say who will win–but whose agenda will win.

That says a lot. They are admitting here we are not all on the same team. It is no longer about making America great. The Democrats are clearly drawing a line in the sand. We no longer have a two-party system; rather we have a two ideology or two philosophical system–and the Soro’s Socialist party (Democrats) want to wipe out, by hook or by crook, any opposing view.

One more thing, when you go out to view the ad, notice the little avatar icon on the tab in your browser–it’s the old hippy peace sign from the ’60’s; the broken, upside down cross.

They are so original.

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