Nature’s Message

It evidently is the case that God is trying to get our mulish, obdurate “President’s” attention.  Despite the clear lack of real evidence, scientific or otherwise, and the myth of Global Warming being brutally beaten senseless by the truth with the dual Climategate e-mail scandals, the President has refused to admit the lie that is the Climate Change, Global Warming fairytale.

Some people just won’t get it unless they get 30″ of snow in one day dumped on them (see accompanying video).  This may be the case with the hapless Obama, who seems to relish in the Hans Christian Anderson fable–Emperor’s New Clothes.  We all remember in that fable the Emperor paraded around sans clothing because he could not think critically.

Will this sway our “President?”  I don’t think so Tim.

Come to think about it, it’s kind of like trying to spend yourself out of debt, but surely our “president” (small p) wouldn’t try that–hummm.

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