Say Hi to Teddy Down There

I saw where Obama, et al were eulogizing Representative Murtha who just croaked today. So I thought it might be appropriate to add my tribute to Murtha.

You know a synonym for tribute is tax. So I offer this “tax” to Mutha . . . a man who never saw a tax he didn’t like.  Yes, Murtha was a good tax & spend liberal, but even better he was known for being one of the most crooked politicians in Washington. Well he has, I believe,  now discovered how badly he screwed up. I would say R.I.P., but I am pretty sure there will be no peace for Murtha where he is.

Good riddance. That is one more seat for the Conservatives to get–No moderates or RINO’s need apply.


On another note, Obama said today he wants to meet with Republicans for a brainstorming session later this month to, get this: get all the bipartisan ideas on the table. Yeh, right! And the London Bridge is back up for sale.

On the other side of the aisle the Republicans are saying they are willing to negotiate. They don’t get it yet. Mr. Steele and the Republican Party, read my lips, . . . NO NEGOTIATIONS.  We don’t want ANY government involvement in healthcare. In fact, you had better quit worrying about what’s in your Pork Barrel and figure out how to retract Social Security, Medicare, and the Drug subsidy thing — thanks Bush . . . you weeny.

Do you detect any animosity in this room, from decades of incompetence and liberal B.S. in our government. Naahh!

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