Tebo Superbowl Ad a Success . . . or Maybe Not

I liked the Tebo Ad, it was cute.  And it was a success . . . in offending almost nobody.

However Focus on the Family could have not offended anyone and saved $2.4 million just by not running the ad. The bad news according to David Kinnaman, President of the Barna Group was, “the downside from the standpoint of the commercial’s sponsors is sure to be that the main message and organization behind the ad were lost to a majority of viewers” (emphasis mine). Oh well, in that respect, at least they were consistent with many other Super Bowl ads.

It seems to be the case then that whoever green-flagged the commercial was more concerned about not offending someone than being the voice for 60,000,000 little, silenced mouths and a like number of destroyed and damaged women that aborted them.

Postmodern plagues infect everything if you are not vigilant.

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