Huckaberry-or Sour Grapes

Huckabee’s not happy that he was jilted in CPAC’s straw poll where he ended up dead last with 4%.  But then he also blew off his invitation to speak this year too because in his words, “the Tea Party uhh, has certainly taken all of the oxygen out of the room.” That comes from the rarefied air of the truth if you ask me.

In this interview with Geraldo, Huck whines about the fact that people are becoming engaged against big government and fibbing politicians. It is through the Tea Party movement which is clearly, in my opinion conservative, even embracing the religious right, so-called. Mainstream America is finally unifying and making itself heard, if not “listened to.”

Where Huckabee really tips his hand is in his statement that CPAC has become increasingly more libertarian and less Republican. Excuse me pastor, or governor–whatever; CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Conference. There is no Republican in that name.

Personally I don’t find Huckabee compelling.

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