Masters of Deceit

Surely, surely, there is no one — no one who has the least little rational cognitivity that takes Obama seriously. I almost wrote president, but Obama is not the president of the United States, rather he must believe he is king of a fictional kingdom that exists only in his mind. But that is another issue.

Obama told a “massive” crowd of 200 (some liberal rags put the number at 1,400) people in Ohio yesterday that whatever their employer’s paid for their health insurance Obamacare would decrease their premiums 3,000%! You read right, I put down the right number of zeros and the decimal is in the right place–3,000 percent. He went on to add . . . “your employer could give you a raise!”

But let’s do a little math.  Say your employer pays $2,000 for your insurance. A 100% decrease would be $2,000, your employer would be paying zero $$. But Obama said it would decrease premiums 3,000%, so your employer would actually get paid, $60,000 for every employee with that premium. The hell with what every business he is in all he has to do is hire people and sign up for health care and he makes a profit.

Who takes this clown serious. I’m sure Soros and Obama’s other “investors” and handlers are turning the screws on this third world alien who would be king.

On top of that the dirty duo of Pelosi and Reid continue to push the Senate Bill through without a vote. One thing the Constitution is clear on is how a bill is birthed into law . . . and that ain’t it. Even the leftist rag the Washington Post is reportedly crying foul on this.

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