Islam is a True Religion

What follows is a true anecdotal account that took place in 2005 and reveals that Islam is a true religion.

Abdoul Rahim [a pseudonym] was a classmate; we attended seminary together.  Abdoul, was raised a Muslim in Burkina Faso.  His father had three wives (which is legal there) so Abdoul’s family was quite large; 18 children in all.  From their youth their father taught them “If something is not worth dying for; it is not worth living for.”  Islam is a true religion.

Abdoul became a Christian that year (2005).  Shortly after that, he returned to his homeland for a visit.  Because of Abdoul’s conversion to Christianity, his father refused to see him.  Abdoul’s maternal mother pleaded with her husband to let him return: “Rahim has made up his mind, let him come home.”  Abdoul’s father said nothing; but struck his wife with such vicious force and ferocity she fell to the floor—dead.  Islam is a true religion; a religion of peace.

Abdoul returned to school in America, but he had a brother, Ibrahim.  Ibrahim was a Muslim, studying in Egypt working on his doctoral degree in Islamic Studies.  Abdoul told Ibrahim about his newfound faith and began witnessing to him and sent him a presentation called The Twelve Points That Show Christianity Is True.  The “Twelve Points” convinced Ibrahim that Islam could not be true.  Immediately Ibrahim abandoned his doctoral studies and began to seriously investigate Christianity.

Ibrahim got into a heated discussion about Islam with some of his former doctoral classmates regarding whether Islam was true.  They became so enraged they threatened to kill him.  “I am not afraid to die.” Ibrahim fired back.

The next day when Ibrahim’s roommate returned to their apartment; he discovered a grisly sight.   Lying in a pool of blood was Ibrahim’s bullet riddled body.  Abdoul’s father blames him for all of this.  Can Islam be a true religion?

Islam means submission in Arabic.  Islam is a religion of submission.  Sura (verse) 9:5 of the Koran states, “When the sacred months are passed, kill those who join other gods wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them and lie in wait for them with every kind of ambush.”

If Islam is the true religion, Islam cannot be a religion of peace. If Islam is a religion of peace, then Islam cannot be the true religion. But Islam cannot be the true religion, because if Islam is consistent with what it teaches, then necessarily Islam is self-refuting in its teachings.

All “religions” are man searching and grasping for God.  Christianity is not a religion; it is a relationship.  It is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, The Living God.

  • Christianity is the only religion that preaches to love your enemy.
  • Christianity is the only religion that has a Savior.
  • Christianity is the only religion whose Savior claims to be God and who demonstrated that by His Resurrection He was God.

Islam is a true religion.  Christianity is The True Religion and The True Relationship.

D.D. Edwards © 2005, 2010, All Rights Reserved

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