What D’ya Have?

If you are not sure probably the first thought to cross your mind is to go to the doctor, he’ll know what you have–right?

Everybody trusts their doctors, even when their doctor does nothing or does damage people seem to just keep going back for more. I mean doctors go to school for years and do internships and residences, and spend really big bucks to get all this education why wouldn’t you trust them? I have never really been sick much. What brought me to begin checking things out was health issues I ran into in my own life.

Let me toss out a real life analogy, one you and I just lived through. Do you remember the term subprime mortgage debacle? Sure you do, it was all over the news for months, years—you still hear it mentioned from time to time. The truth of the matter is that the liberals in congress brought pressure to bear on the mortgage markets to make loans to people for houses that the people really had no business buying—they didn’t actually qualify financially to be able to make those payments.

Due to space limitations I am not going to go into the mechanics and minutiae of how this all went down, but understand the government didn’t have to twist the arms of FNMA, FHLMC, the mortgage industry (banks, mortgage bankers and brokers), the real estate industry, and Wall Street too hard to get them to go along. In the short-term all of these people were making a ton of money. In this milieu it’s always about the money, honey.

What does all this have to do with doctors, healthcare, and wellness? Stay with me here and once again let’s follow the money.

Consider the place and the manner in which doctors are trained today. The place is medical school and a massive amount of money is spent to build and endow medical schools. Where does that money come from? It comes from drug companies, BIG PHARMA. They throw millions upon millions at university med-schools.

How are doctors trained? They are trained pathologically, they are pathologists. Simply put pathology is the study of disease. “What’s wrong with that?” you ask—“that’s a good thing.” It is a good thing if you are sick. But who’s out there help you stay healthy in the first place? The answer . . . virtually no one.

All during med-school, doctors, taught in schools funded by and beholden to BIG PHARMA, are taught that the fix to any disease you prescribe a drug. Once doctors began their practice (and it is just that—a practice) pharmaceutical reps are calling on doctors constantly giving them samples and “pushing” the latest drug or “study.” Most doctors just take the drug reps word for it—it being whatever the latest thing is they are pushing.

Dr. David Williams, one who authors the Alternatives, newsletter says it more succinctly:

When it comes to sales and marketing . . . those in the pharmaceutical business are among the very best. Not much stands in their way. They routinely sacrifice anything and everything for sales. Little things like integrity, morals, and human life are [merely] the costs of doing business.”

This is really the problem with healthcare today—not the garbage and junk spewed out by the various news sources. Remember the mortgage fiasco? The other element in that was the government and once again our government is involved in this mess. Of course BIG PHARMA also spends millions on lobbyists to see congress votes their way. However, that is a discussion for another time.

For myself I take several newsletters, all written by mainstream doctors, but doctors who have seen the problems caused by following blindly those recommendations from sources with a clear conflict of interest. Quickly, a couple other doctors are Dr. Russell Blaylock (or go HERE) and Dr. David Brownstein (or go HERE).

As Christians we are to be good stewards in all things—are we not?


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