Human Rights . . . Just Not for the Jew

Human Rights . . . just not for the Jew. Indeed, for the Jew they don’t even have the right of the freedom of speech. Oh, they’ll let Jews speak at the U.N. Council for Human Rights, but it is immediately censured.

This young man speaks the pure, unvarnished truth, but it is too much for the tender ears of the powers that be at the U.N. Give a listen, but beware of the truth–it may upset someone!

If and when we are able to take America back from the fascist leadership (it had better be sooner, than later), we need to make sure that the new leaders not only roll back the damaging legislation these crooks have rammed down our throats, but we need to make sure they, at the same time–at the same time, pull us lock, stock, and barrel out of the U.N..

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