Your Time is Up

Mid-term elections are just over sixty days away. Now is the time to start acting. When the GOP (a more conservative GOP hopefully) regains the House it must move quickly to start impeachment proceedings against Barry Sotero (aka Obama).

It is unarguable he has done everything within his power to shred our Constitution and destroy this country and just as many things NOT within his power. His time is up.

If we are to survive as a country we must get him out now, regardless of the dirty tactics and the name calling from the radical, socialist, Democratic party.

Impeachment by law must be initiated in the House of Representatives. I fired off the following e-mail to Sue Myrick just now:

To the Honorable Sue Myrick,

As you know impeachment proceedings begin with the House. When we win back the House in upcoming elections is there any reason you would not initiate impeachment proceedings against the Constitution shredding Obama?
How can I help?
But if not why not?
Thank You

Our representative need to get lots and lots of similar e-mails. It needs to be the first order of business.

Join with me–time is running out on our country. We must act now if we are to save it.

There is already an  impeachment campaign in place. Go and sign this petition, but send your own e-mail.

If that is too much to ask, then sit down and think what you are going to tell your kids and their children when they ask “What was freedom like?”

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