The Shadow of the Fall

Labor Day, 2010–It is the first days of September and finally the fiery temperatures of long summer days in North Carolina are being quenched as we enter the shadow of Fall. Yes, the first few trees are trading their emerald hues for subtle shades of ammolite and citrine. Some few leaves, urged by the breath of the breeze have released their grip and languidly auto-rotate to the ground. The seasons of this timeless cycle reminds us that God is still in control. The sun rises; the sun sets, all in God’s hand.

Nevertheless this, the Fall of two-thousand and ten, is for this American experiment, a critical time, a grave and dangerous time. Will we, like the citrine dyed leaves, finally lose our grip on the Tree of Liberty and spiral to our death ahead of our time? After all, the United States of America is but a fraction of the age of other great empires.  Greece, Rome, Babylon, Egypt, the Ottoman, and even Great Britain all survived much longer than our mere 250 plus years. Being reigned by despots, kings, queens, and emperors, all were highly imperialistic.

Yet those in power in America’s current regime, or as rightly designated by Anglo Codevilla, “the ruling class” broadcasts America’s so-called imperialism to whoever’s ear they can bend. Yet, this Great nation has never really had cravings for world conquest.

One might ask, “Why are we in such calamitous straights?” Clearly, there are any number of answers to that question.

Needless to say there has never been a nation, a republic, founded with the ideals and concepts of the United States, one whose founding hypotheses was that “all men are created equal” and we are “endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable rights.” We are not identical with the same abilities or even the same opportunities, but born equal before our creator—equal under liberty’s boughs to become more than we are; or less.

Perhaps it is the case that a true republic cannot survive in a fallen world. After all we are an “experiment” like none other, in that no nation has ever been founded “one nation under God.” Maybe man’s evil-heartedness just will not allow such a country to long endure. Indeed the Bible says that Satan is the ruler of this world.

So is God not? Satan is the ruler of this world—but only at God’s pleasure. God is sovereign. God is still on the throne. Perhaps in these last days, God wants to show the world what a nation pledged to Him would look like. Perhaps God wanted to give the world, one last time, a clear picture of what happens when a nation strays from the One True God as we have done.

November of this Fall is a point-in-time of the highest moment for this nation. Are enough of us fed up enough with the incessant ripping away of our liberties granted under our Founding Documents and God? Or will these communistic, luciferic, statist remain strong enough to finish us off?

Or are we at the point, the fullness of time, when Christ will return for His Church? If that is the case possibly we should just sit back and wait.

No that is not in agreement with the essence of God’s Word. Yes, we must stay engaged. Nonetheless it is our choice—we have the freedom to choose; the freedom to act–to become more than we have ever been . . . or less.

What will you do now–in “the Shadow of the Fall?”

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