It is Time for True Patriots to Rock the Boat

In my August 31st post entitled Your Time is Up I installed a quote from an e-mail I sent to the Honorable Sue Myrick. I have e-mailed her before and gotten responses, usually when the e-mail is complementary to her or neutral. No surprise; I received not a word from Myrick or her office.

It is time for the likes of Myrick to go as well. She is a nice lady, but she is part of the dead wood who damages the efforts just by taking up space some younger, more constitutionally oriented electee could fill. No longer can we settle for the old school relics.

Call me a wacko-Birther if it pleases you, but I believe this issue of Obama’s eligibility to serve is of the highest moment. We are at a very grave time in America’s history.Remember dear reader, November is fast approaching. And 2012 is not that far off as the electoral cycle flows. Please prepare to take vigorous action. Just plodding to the polls is no longer sufficient. Support the true conservatives as much as possible, not just locally but nationally.

Beware of the Republican party too–the old-guard there are just as dangerous to our national health as the socialists currently in power. And beware of the RINO’s; wolves in sheeps clothing.

Be engaged!

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