Three Things You Should Know

We just observed the remembrance of the murderous attack made nine years ago on the banks of the Hudson. We will never forget that day. We must never forget that day.

Hollowed Ground is Ground Zero

Obama, if not a closet Muslim, is certainly willing to advance the cause of Islam where he can. The 911 instigators and perpetrators want to build a mosque, their victory flag near Ground Zero which I chronicled in another CrossChek blog article. The closer to Ground Zero the better for Islam, but understand; anywhere they build this particular mosque in New York City it is still an in your face victory flag. True to form, Obama is on the side of Islam.

Though nine years have passed, people are still confused about Islam. This is partly due to the Islamic practice of Taqiyya. Also it has been the mantra of the media and the government that Islam is a religion of peace.  That it is really a hijacked religion. Is that indeed the case? Are there really moderate Muslims? If so where are they and why are they mute?

It is time we quit listening and reading the mainstream media and begin to research Islam. For your own safety, your families safety and for America—get educated and do it now. I mean, come on, look at the rest of the world. Muslims have already installed the first bits of sharia law in the U.K., and Denmark and the rest of Europe is in their sights. Worse, the first sharia court has been already been established in the USA, in Texas.

One website that has very good solid resources is the Christian Apologetic & Research Ministry (CARM). This is a good place to start learning about Islam. If you have read this far, then you might as well check out this short tutorial video.

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