Who loves ya baby?

Some of you may remember that rejoinder, “Who loves ya baby?” coming from the singular Detective Theo Kojak (Telly Savalas), usually said with the ever-present Tootsie Roll pop in his mouth.

The deleterious, duplicitous, and traitorous behavior of this administration are daily revealed to be an increasingly, ruthless, unmitigated threat to the freedom of every true liberty-loving American. The Kojak’s are being steam-rolled.

Democrats that continue to support this socialist regime amaze me. It is amazing to watch as they surrender their children’s and grand-children’s future for an unarguably failed philosophy. It has never, never worked anywhere in the world–NEVER!

These people wearing  the Democratic jersey never seem to put the hard question to themselves, “who loves ya baby?” Who really loves you, what  is the real truth. No love can be shown in a lie. But they don’t see it. Thus they continue down the same deceit rutted road, one sycophant following another. Hello, McFly . . . anybody home?

Sharron Angle in a recent ad referred to Reid and Obama as the “two saviors.” Reid in all of his glorious hubris and egotism proclaimed this week, “without me, we would be in a world-wide depression” [LOL]. And recall this interloper Obama (Bam-bam) declaring in the 2008 campaign cycle “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” Angle rightly described the pair as “delusional.”

The 2 "saviors"

Nevertheless, this is the face and the thrust of the Democrat party en bloc. Regrettably Bam-bam is not merely a toothless, messiah. No-no, this man, his handlers, and his minions are evil incarnate armed with the full intent of destroying the United States. Make no mistake, they have the knowledge and training to do it; they are doing it.

Doubt it at your own peril, but take note:

  • Soros has given $1,000,000 to destroy Fox News.
  • Obama (also Hillary) is working overtime and is close to ramming a law through the U.N. to ban firearms under international law.
  • NPR (National Public Radio), long a mouthpiece for liberal ideology at taxpayer expense, has become animated to the point they have completely shed their paper-thin cloak of “partiality.”
  • This radicalized administration has repeatedly snubbed our allies in Europe for U.S. hating countries like Venezuela, Russia, and China.
  • Repeatedly snubbed Israel
  • Repeatedly ignored the moderates in Iran fighting to wrench control away from the mullahs and Ahmadinejad
  • Shackled our military and put our brave troops at risk.
  • Have weakened our intelligence agencies (Bush had a hand in this as well).
  • The Department of Justice’s blatant bigotry in not prosecuting Black Panther thugs intimidating voters in the 2008 presidential elections.

This diminutive list does not even scratch the surface, but nothing here is in dispute. Grab hold of this–what the radical left in all their forms accuse us, Tea Partiers, everyday Constitutional Americans of doing is in reality what they, the Democrats, the radicals are doing, have been doing for decades. Yes there are some slimy Republicans, Castle, Murkowski, Specter, et al, but they are not Constitutionalists, they are liberals–they are RINOs that got skinned.

Remember–all elections are now national!

If you can afford it, support conservatives and do it now. If you can’t afford it, support conservatives and do it more.

If America loses, or does not win as big as we need to take back the House  and the Senate, then those that can’t afford it now will get hurt more later. It’s the old, pay me now or pay me later problem. Yes we need to take back the White House in 2012, but it will be  moot if we don’t win big enough to stop Soro’s political machine now.

Angle’s TV ad is a potent reminder of how these radical statists will say what ever they want to get their way. Why not, lying to their constituents has worked for decades?

Eventually the piper has to be paid. The consequences of America not flushing the radical left out of our government will destroy us. If you want to get an inkling of what is coming if we so fail check this scary scenario out!! . . .

Who loves ya baby?

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