Democrats and their Terrifying Tricks

Which will be scarier this year Halloween or Election Day 2010?

One can be guaronteeed there will be no treats from the radical, socialist, Democratic Party only tricks, lots of dirty tricks. The brainless, mind-dead, knee-jerk element of all facets of their machines are swinging into terror mode.

In Nevada voters discovered ballots with Dirty Harry’s name already checked. Speaking of Reid here is a cartoon from Conservative that you may not have seen, indicative of  the Harry and friends mindset

Here in the Charlotte, NC area people have pushed a straight Republican only to discover the ballot was all Democrat. WBT radio reported one poor fellow pulled the lever three times before the “machine” finally voted the way he wanted–Republican. He called a voter official over who told him it was just a glitch–yeh right!

These radicals will not use only the “undead,” but the long-dead, the convict component, illegal aliens, those that don’t vote and maybe even you and me.

And don’t forget ACORN, or whatever their new name is  and numerous other leftist organizations working to undermine our freedoms and steal this election.

This administration is the walking dead, they just don’t know it–but there is little they do know (if anything) that is constructive to America and the oaths they took to uphold the constitution.

Of course they know nothing of the Constitution either. Walter Williams on the blog writes,

Rep. Phil Hare, D-Ill., responding to a question during a town hall meeting, said he’s “not worried about the Constitution.” . . . He told his constituents that the Constitution guaranteed each of us “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Of course, our Constitution guarantees no such thing. The expression,”life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is found in our Declaration of Independence (italics mine).

The important thing for Conservatives of course is to vote.

I will see you at the polls.

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