Voter’s Reject Obama’s Socialism

This will be a quickie post.

As Arte Johnson of Laugh In used to say in his character as the German soldier, “verrry interresting.” This summary of a new Pew Center poll of the changing Midterm Landscape among voters is, indeed, verrry interresting. Voter’s are abandoning the radical socialist agenda of this administration in droves. But incumbent moderate Republicans are not safe in upcoming elections.

Jerome Corsi writes in his report Red Alert,

Republicans, however, should be cautious to realize the realignment of voters is at its base a reaction against incumbents as a whole. The tea-party movement will turn next on Republicans, if the Republican Party after the Nov. 2 mid-term election turns out to be a center-left party typified by politicians such as South Carolina’s Lindsay Graham.

This makes for pretty scary reading for the Dems.

Happy Halloween Ya’ll

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