A Telling Time

I guess taking everything into consideration conservatism came out pretty well last night. Especially considering how far back we had to come.  If haven’t been able to reel in all the winners and losers this election map is a quick and easy way to do it.

Idiocy # 1—I guess my old home state of California is so far down the leftist trail the best that could happen is the Big One, that 10.5 temblor that would just set her afloat. I mean Jerry Brown for Governor, give me a break? His old man was governor waay back when. Jerry did nothing for Cali when he was the gov before. Yet the liberals voted this tired, threadbare, remnant of the past in for a do-over.

I really thought Boxer would get her tail yanked by Carly, but what can you say—didn’t happen.

Idiocy # 2 – Reid, can you believe it? I can’t. I still think there had to be some improprieties going on. The Casino bosses gave Reid hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nevada went totally Republican in the Governor’s and the House races why would Nevada give Dirty Harry a Senate win? I mean legally. I am still praying some illegalities will surface that will make my day.

Idiocy # 3 –There were of course a myriad of voter irregularities reported nationwide. Folks in my home state of North Carolina reported pulling the lever for straight party Republican and instead getting straight party Dems, i.e. “socialist party.”

Evidently the Black Panthers were back in various locales in Penn-State, although from what I have been able to garner not as aggressively this year.

Then there was the South Carolina Senate . . . well you could hardly call it a race. Of course the brilliant conservative star Jim DeMint was the candidate on the one hand versus the unemployed, living-at-home, possible obscenity felon Alvin Greene. You have to give it to Greene at least he was trying to get a job. Greene’s entire platform and oft repeated mantra was “Jim DeMint is responsible for the recession.”

"DeMint kauzed the resesshun"

But to me that is not the idiocy here. No the real, the telling thing here is that Greene, who could barely string a three word sentence together, received 28.2% of the vote! That’s approximating 350,000 thousand votes. For Greene’s “victory party click here.

Between the Left Coast and these 350,000 non-thinking avatars one has to be afraid for our nation—where our country will end up. I hope we can turn back to the America our founding fathers envisioned. Admittedly I sometimes tend to be a, the glass is half full kind of guy.

Oh and by the way . . . think Jim DeMint for President–2012

Non Idiocy

Last night was a great beginning. While we would like have to have seen a grander seat-swap in the Senate there is only a 5 seat discrepancy. Reid will continue to be problematic. The revolution in the House gave Republicans, if not conservatives, 54 seats! What’s more no more Speaker Pelosi!! Hooray, at least we clipped the wings of, as Rush says, that Be-eye-itch (I say that in love–love for America). Two-hundred thirty-nine seats are now held by Republicans and only 218 make up the majority. The list of incumbent losers is gigantic.


I think Marco Rubio is going to be theSuperman of the Senate. The synergism of Rubio and DeMint along with Coats, Paul, Portman, Toomey, and others will carry the day. If we can’t move the conservative, Constitutional agenda forward then hopefully they will shut the Obama machine down. That is the real work yet to be done.

Prayer will be a factor—so keep praying.

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