God helps those who help themselves?

God helps those who help themselves is something we have heard kicked around in Christianity for, well I don’t know how long. Maybe mom or dad used to tell us that when we were kids to get us off our butts–an admirable goal, but teaching what is not true, especially what is not theologically true is not admirable.

The summary of the final tally is thus:

  • 100% believed the Bible was the Word of God and true
  • 58% said they believed that the statement GHTWHT is true
  • Almost 38% said the statement was not true.

But the point of the survey is to bring out the fact the need to read the Bible and understand the Bible and theology proper for what it says and not take someone else’s word for it, even if that someone is standing in the pulpit. On my website I chronicle some of the figures on the lack of a biblical worldview among Christians, but worse is that 50% of pastors that do not hold a biblical view. This includes 30% of Southern Baptist pastors that do not hold a biblical worldview and the Southern Baptists are the most conservative denomination. Then we go to a high of 70% for Pentecostal pastors that do not have a biblical worldview.

A similar misunderstanding comes from the Christmas story. It is in regards to the “three wise-men at the manger,”Although this myth is evaporating. When somebody firsts told me the Bible didn’t say how many wise men (or kings) I was all over it. Search as I might I found that the Bible never says how many and the kings don’t show up at the manger, rather at Joseph and Mary’s house a year or so later. We erroneously assume “three” because there are three gifts. To bolster this myth are Christmas Carols–We Three Kings of Orient, and I Saw Three Ships.

I am reasonably sure most of you that responded are church family and if I had received a wider response from even a wider evangelical audience you would have seen a real train wreck.  Thank you for taking part in my humble survey.

Solo Scriptura

Here is a P.S. . . . sort of or call it a blogger’s bonus–no extra charge for today only.

As I finish this blog I received an e-mail from a brother in my Sunday School class. Since Christmas is upon us this is very apropos.

This is a must see! Check-it-out. And note this happened in a New York city mall.
Merry Christmas

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