Check it out!

As many of you know my book, Before the Final Trump, was released a short time ago. It is now on Amazon and the search feature is now active. This allows you to peruse parts of my book. This book is a call to the Church to return to one of the most important commands Jesus gave. I believe this is affirmed by the fact that it was the last command before His ascension.

Check it out at Amazon, BUT you will get a better deal by buying off of my website and a FREE bookmark. Click on the book below to go to my book website.

However, for those of you in my Shepherd Group at FBCM or my others friends who would like to join us I will be lunching at Elliot’s Bar-B-Que (located at the corner of Windsor Square Dr. and Independence Blvd., in Matthews) this coming Sunday, January 30 about noon. I will honor the price I quoted to ya’ll of $12.50 a 16% SAVINGS over buying it off my website and a 30% SAVING from Amazon (Cash or checks only).

Tell your friends. Oh and . . . ya gotta buy your own lunch!! Hope to see you there!

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