Will the real Michele Bachmann please stand up

I listened to Michele Bachmann’s rebuttal to Obama’s embarrassingly duplicitous discourse on The State of the Union. There wasn’t much new or “news” in her rebuttal, but she made a valid assessment of the true position we are in and being a visual person myself the graphics were quite efficacious. Of course Bachmann herself is always easy on the eyes. Paul Ryan’s singular response, while very astute, could have benefited from some graphics.

I am concerned because part of the Marxist, Alinskyian paradigm is to overwhelm or overload a governments ability to function by a quick succession of mostly phony catastrophic crisis’s. This is unarguably what drives Obama’s agenda and his modus operandi. “An SDS [Students’s for a Democratic Society] radical once wrote, ‘The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution.'”[1] This is precisely what Obama has done and is doing and he does much of it by bypassing Congress—can you say Czars?

So I went to Bachmann’s website to send an e-mail to, the titular head of the Tea Party movement. I wanted to both ask and remind her that we cannot focus on one thing, but must begin rolling-back all of this crap this interloper has foisted on us over the last two years. But here is what I found right on her homepage…I clicked on the link and here she is in a video, talking about building a new bridge across the St. Croix River. That sounds like an earmark to me. I thought we conservatives were trying to do away with earmarks. I couldn’t believe it. Evidently Ms. Bachmann isn’t as conservative as she appears. Did I send the e-mail? Naw, why bother it is more of the same.

I think I will send on to Jim DeMint. DeMint is real, as far as I can tell.

[1] David Horowitz, Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution (Sherman Oaks, CA: David Horowitz Freedom Center, 2009), 8.

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