Stupid is, as Stupid Does

And the politicians in this country just keep getting stupider and stupider, or is that dumb and dumber. I guess there isn’t much difference. I will give you one guess (that is all you will need) at who is leading the dumb and dumber and dumbest poll—yep, the Obama Regime.

Here is a ferinstance for you . . . Did you know we are giving more money to have the United Nations exploit us than ever before; a lot more. This despite the fact we’re broke! . . . HELLLOO!

The Heritage Foundation reports

U.N. budgets have grown even faster than the U.S. budget over the past decade. America’s recent contributions to the U.N. dwarf those from 10 years ago. According to the Office of Management and Budget, total U.S. contributions to the U.N. system exceeded $6.347 billion in FY 2009, compared to just $3.183 billion in FY 2001.[6] Increases have occurred throughout the U.N. system.

This latest research goes on to posit that “The U.S. is assessed 22 percent of the U.N. regular budget.” What’s wrong with this picture?? In other words, if we pulled out, which we should, the U.N. would fold. Furthermore the U.N. Peacekeeping budget (LOL) has quadrupled since 2000. Duhyawanna guess how much of that we pay? Would you believe 27%? Yep! Twenty-seven percent.

Here is the kicker. According to the Heritage  study . . . wait for it—drumroll pulleeze!

The United Nations has largely failed to maintain international peace and security, promote self-determination and basic human rights, and protect fundamental freedoms. While the conflicting interests of member states have led to many of these failures, the U.N. system itself is partly to blame. The U.N. and its affiliated organizations are plagued by outdated and redundant missions and mandates, poor management, ineffectual oversight, and a general lack of accountability. In recent years, the U.S. Congress itself has neglected its responsibility to exercise proper oversight. Congress should press for U.N. reform and withhold funding when necessary to encourage reform.

That is from the Heritage Abstract of this research report. I know; you, like me, thought the U.N. was really doing a good thing in the world (chuckle/snorrk). Silly you. Silly me. Actually what Congress should be pressing for is expelling the U.N. from our government,  politics, and lives.

Can you imagine where this country would be heading if Ronnie was back at the helm with Tea Party Caucus starting to shake up Congress. I luv it, doncha luv it, I luv it!

Would that Ronnie were back.   Happy Birthday President Reagan.

Happy Birthday Mr. President


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