Gone With the Wind . . . in 33 Minutes

The Civil War epic Gone With the Wind was made over seventy years ago. I am not sure I have ever seen it all the way through–until last night. I think many analogies could be drawn from GWW, some spiritual, some corporeal. But that is not where I want to go today.

GWW was centered around Sherman’s attack on Atlanta. There are no battle scenes per se, nevertheless the movie does a masterful job of showing the devastation to, not only the material and the physical wealth, but the devastation to a way of life.

Within days peoples’ lives are turned upside down. The lives of the rich and the poor alike become a chaotic nightmare. There is no shelter, no food, no water, and no transportation. Mate all that with seemingly unending destruction and death. In one scene the movie shows the main street in Atlanta with row-after-row and column-after-column of the bodies of the dead and dying as far as you can see. There is a lone doctor with little help, no medicine, no anesthetic, and no hope.

Fast forward to 2011—and think about who our stated nuclear enemies are ; North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran is coming on fast. But in our day and age we won’t have a week’s warning, or even a day. We will have less than 33 minutes . . . and America will never be the same—you’re kids, your grandsons and granddaughters, your home—GONE ! Think of the Atlanta scenario now multiply that devastation by a factor of . . . of what?? It is unthinkable. It is unimaginable. However, it is possible!

Heritage Foundation posits:

North Korea has boasted that they have ballistic missiles capable of reaching the West Coast of the United States. To counteract any incoming ballistic missiles from North Korea, the U.S. has a few missile defense installations in Hawaii. These missile defense sites will be the only source of an intercept for a North Korean ballistic missile. Again, the importance of effective missile defense for America cannot be pushed aside. . . . While the country may be capable of eliminating a single nuclear ballistic missile threat at this time, depending on where it was entering the country, it is defenseless against a barrage of nuclear tipped ballistic missiles.

The technology is available to put a missile shield over us, but our government is not, will not embrace it. Further, if we don’t seal our borders and soon (like yesterday?), even all this may be moot.

Check out the trailer below and then think about hosting a showing, write your congressman–get involved.

Did you know according to James Carafano Phd:

Upon entering office, President Obama slashed the number of land-based interceptors planned to protect the U.S. homeland from North Korean and Iranian ballistic missiles by 44 percent. The cuts included scrapping the ‘third site’ ballistic missile defense plan to defend the United States and U.S. allies against the threat of long- and medium-range ballistic missiles from Iran. These installations were to be completed by 2013. In its stead the White House elected to focus on more limited regional missile defense.

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