The Lies Exposed at Penn State

I don’t know about you but I am getting a bit tired of watching leaders in our country and more so in God’s Church walking on eggshells when it comes to the subject of Islam.

Think about this; It is the only religion, so called, that is allowed extreme and unwarranted violence. Violence is the response to anyone’s criticism of Muhammad, a false prophet; Allah, a false God; and the Qurán, a false gospel—well actually there is no gospel at all–there is NO SAVIOR–there is NO SALVATION. There is only death.

Let me be clear that I don’t agree with the nut-case in Florida burning the Qurán. First, it is getting innocent people killed and second, it is not that burning the Qurán is actually anything, but his actions are not biblical.

There are those in academia and the mainstream crazies in the media asserting this “Israeli apartheid” lie, trying to equate Israel defending itself against constant terror attacks from Hamas and Hezbollah, et al, or building houses in their own state, as somehow being “racist” and discriminating against poor defenseless Arabs.

Saturday (April 2) some Penn. State students, the Young American’s for Freedom[1] put up the Palestinian Wall of Lies, setting forth the lies Muslims continually postulate. Frontpage Mag reports:

Most of the reception was positive; in particular, a group of Israeli students came around to express their support. At this point, one of the two Arab students came back around and began arguing with the YAFfers and Israelis, using abusive language and saying, “I have a problem with Israelis. . . . [two Arab] students described the Wall as “bullshit” and “a f***ing lie,” but were initially nonviolent.

Nobody but the Muslims are abusive, seemingly filled with such vitriol. This is the case world wide and they always seek to marginalize the Jewish students, the Jewish state of Israel or as this short video shows it is “the Israelis not the Jews they dislike.” Huh? Of course the Qurán says different. The Qurán explicitly incites Muslims to kill Jews, wherever they find them. The Qurán calls Jews “apes” and “pigs” (Sura 7:166; Sura 5:60).

Warning: There is some profanity in the video.

[1] Check out the YAF’s Sharon Statement

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