Un-stink’in-’believable!! Once again the ol’ guard Republicans, led by Boner Boehner wuss out.

Rand Paul early on proposed a $500 billion cut which would have actually made almost a 3.5% dent in the $14.5 trillion dollar debt. Paul’s proposal was pretty well ignored by all. Even Newt Gingrich at one point threw out, if memory serves, a $150 billion cut—a $100 something anyway.

In the final hours on Friday I heard the cut was down to a paltry, ineffectual $79 billion, then  sixty-one. WBT news late last night reported an accord had been reached . . . wait for it . . . of a measly, laughably low cut of $39 bill, according to WBT, Foxnews says $38 billion, but hey, what’s a “bill” between friends?

The pusillanimous Boehner then has the cheeky audacity to brag that this is, “largest real-dollar spending cut in American history.” As if he really accomplished something–Boner really, really needs to resign as Speaker.

Foxnews, et al are calling this a Boehner victory. Horse pucky! Let me put this in perspective. The United States national debt is rapidly and recklessly approaching $14.5 TRILLION—indeed we will hit probably by early next week. This “largest real-dollar spending cut” of $39 billion is a “whopping” .2% of the $14.5 trill. Indeed $500 billion over a decade is crap—I mean that’s fifty a year without any real spending cuts. It’s like trying to chase down one of Obama’s wished for Bullet Trains on foot

But that $39 bill is probably not the real figure because the “broader measure” has yet to be hammered out, which is politic-speak for real Americans lose again!

Folks I am not sure we can any longer pull the U.S. back from the abyss. But the only, the only, the only chance we have is to get the Senate back no later than 2012 and get a true conservative into the Whitehouse in 2012. Two more years of Bam-bam and put a fork in us we’re done.

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