Our Worst Fears

I would like to thank our last three administrations for the fact that our worst fears are now reality. I am speaking about our flow-thru southern border. Of course its porosity has drastically worsened under the current regime. I am sure you have seen the news reports on the struggle Arizona has had with the drug cartels, kidnapping, and this administration.

However this video from 10 News in San Diego should scare us all. Oh yeh, I know San Diego is 3,000 miles away, but the California, Arizona, and Texas borders are a fissure that widens almost daily and the sad part is the excrement flowing through it is infecting our entire nation. This video demonstrates how “wide” the fissure has grown.

Sadly it could have been stopped. Osama or Usama if you prefer is dead, but the terror threat to this country has exponentially increased since 911. Check it:

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