Gingrich throws hat into the Ring . . . then punts it back out

Gingrich is not the man for this hour. The needs of the United States have moved way beyond old guard big government Republicans like Gingrich. Newt no sooner threw his hat in the ring than, in my opinion, he punted it back out. How so—read on?

Unarguable to anyone with an ounce of  common sense and intellectual honesty is the fact that one the biggest threats to America’s freedom and fiscal sanity is government run, mandated, regulated healthcare. Obamacare is one of the most devious, heinous examples of social engineering and a power grab ever, ever seen. We don’t need it and we just cannot afford it. Also it is one of the top three things we wanted the newly elected congress to shoot down. Where is Newt on this and other key issues?

Gingrich “strongly supports a federal mandate requiring citizens to buy health insurance”; strongly supports. This is precisely what main stream Americans have been fighting against. We might just as well keep Obama and throw in our collective towel.

This alone shows Gingrich is out of touch and waay left of mainstream today. Yet in a cognate issue Gingrich called Ryan’s House Republican plan for Medicare “right-wing social engineering,” If that be the case Newt we need more of it. We cannot simply keep spending. I say this as one who is eligible for Medicare.

If all that is not bad enough Gingrich has turned green. FoxNews reminds us of the ad Gingrich made with Nancy Pelosi.

‘We don’t always see eye to eye, do we Newt?’ Pelosi says in the ad.

‘No, but we do agree our country must take action to address climate change,’ Gingrich responds.

Indeed Gingrich wrote a book on “green conservation” and believes, to paraphrase him, we don’t have enough information one way or the other about climate change. I vigorously disagree as do leading scientist that have studied the facts without bias and presuppositions. Leading scientist worldwide have signed on to a petition against global warming. Besides, God did not create an earth so fragile as that, nor is man that powerful.

As an author and a writer I question how Gingrich writes a book positing “that we really don’t have enough information” with a straight face. There is just too much evidence to support the fact that global warming or climate change is just bad science. This is just ingenuousness on Gingrich’s part.

Gingrich was possibly, maybe one of the more “conservative” Republicans while Speaker, but he will simply not do today. The only salvific possibility for this country now and in the future is political leadership from staunch constitutional conservatives.

America doesn’t need Newt!

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