Memorial Day Musings

Memorial Day 2011

. . . a time to remember our fallen comrades and loved ones who went before us; those who fell in battle so we might live as a free people.

However, it is also a day to remember those warriors who remain, and are standing on the Wall against those who hate us.

Forever bound to the soldiers sacrifice is a vow; a charge every soldier pledges to God. That charge explicitly declares that they will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that they will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. . . . So help them God.

While unspoken by the inhabitants of this United States of America who live under their watch, there is a tacit charge to each of us to honor our servicemen and women by also “supporting and defending the Constitution . . . against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It should be our legacy to the future generations yet to come.

We do that by putting people into the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office that will not trample our Flag underfoot, and shred the Constitution, and deny the God given rights set forth within that hallowed document—a document sanctified by the blood of millions who made the ultimate sacrifice for you and for me since this great nation’s founding.

May God help us if we continue to allow our stated domestic enemies to violate that sacred document left in our protection.

Speaking of foreign enemies . . .

No More Citgo

American’s need to boycott Citgo gas stations–period. Citgo is wholly owned by the Venezuelan government–that is Hugo Chavez. Why put cannon balls in cannons aimed at America?

Venezuela Oil Chief Tells U.S.: ‘Go to Hell’

The head of Venezuela’s state oil company said the United States can “go to hell” after it imposed economic sanctions on the firm for its ties to Iran. “The imperialists can go to hell. Their sanctions mean nothing to us,” Rafael Ramirez, head of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and the country’s energy and petroleum minister, said Wednesday. “No one is going to impose this kind of action against us. We do what best serves the people of Venezuela and what best serves the interests of the Venezuelan state.”

The United States this past week imposed sanctions on PDVSA and six other companies it accused of supplying gasoline and petroleum products to Iran, AFP reported. By applying pressure on Iran’s energy sector, the United States hopes to slow its nuclear enrichment program, allegedly aimed at developing nuclear weapons.

Venezuela had earlier expressed its “utmost rejection” of the “hostile” American sanctions. Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said he would determine the “appropriate reprisal” to the American move. Venezuela exports about 1 million barrels of oil a day to the United States.

It is time we let Venezuela keep their oil and we need to keep any and all aid monies going to them.

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