The True Face of Islam

Okay, okay I said buh, bye a month ago. Nevertheless this must be exposed. This is the true face of Islam. Make no mistake. This is not a fluke, or aberration—this is Islam.

I have been researching Islam, studying Islam for two years or so doing research on my first book and now a second. This is the evil Islam is. This is the evil our government turns a blind eye to.

You may find it hard to watch—watch it anyway. Learn the truth about Islam. This is Satan’s vehicle for his agenda of death. This family–the family who suffered this horrendous attack and rape of their two year old child are now safe; their little daughter is safe–thousands of others are not. Do you have a young child or grandchild two years old? You in America are fortunate you do not live in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, or any Islamic country.

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