Who is “Grinding America Down”?

For decades we have unwittingly played into the hands of our enemies. When the Berlin Wall came down we thought we defeated Communism. We did not! As this video will illustrate, Communism just morphed and took on new faces in different places.

I have railed against the postmodern decline in this country in much of my writings. There are a number of reasons why this country is where it is today. Obama is not the real problem he is resultant of decades of decay that is now successfully setting off the bombs that have been put in place. As I said in my book, much of the blame must be laid at the door of the Church.[1]

The Christian Church’s dereliction in following the clear mandates of God’s Word is antecedent to the cultural battles now engulfing America; the murder of 50+million unborn, the sanctity of marriage, the willingness to subjugate our inalienable rights bestowed by our Creator against both socialistic and Islamic ideologues, the incivility we show to one another, and the increasing growth of the “me first,” or individual-centric mentality.

So here we are today. Now what? To my liberal friends—if you win—your children and your children’s children—the generations to come will lose–as will the entire world.

[1] By Church I mean the true Church made up of those who have trusted in Jesus Christ for their salvation and as Lord of their life.

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