Remembering the Past, Looking to the Future

 Nine-one-one is the number you dial in the event of an emergency.

Nine-one-one is the date in 2001 when America was attacked; attacked without provocation—without cause. 9-11 is the date when our great country lost thousands of her citizenry. It was the mother of emergencies and the first in the new millennium.

Thousands got up that morning—went to work and never came home; some were never even found—vaporized in an instant.

Why? Because in the seventh century the Mohammedans began waging a war that lasted 1,000 years. It was only when the Polish King Sobieski defeated the Turks, on September 11, 1683, at the Battle of Vienna, that the Mohammedans’ imperialistic assaults were finally stayed.

September 11, 2001 was a global declaration by Islamic nations and groups like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, et al. that they were resuming their imperialistic aspirations, jihad, to make Islam the one and only power in the world.

This Sunday is the tenth anniversary of Islam’s terrorist attack. It should be a time of prayer, a time of commemoration, and a time of reflection. To his everlasting shame Bloomberg, New York’s Mayor does NOT want that.

Here is a reflection. The Federal and State governments utterly failed on that infamous day. It was only the lowest echelons’ of government that worked. We need to remember the first responders, the police and fire departments, they are the ones who acted quickly and courageously to stem further loss of life—many at the cost of their own.

Here’s another reflection–we need to remember and commemorate the individual citizens that took charge and lead people down thousands of stairs to safety. We need to remember the quickly assembled militia on United Airways flight 93 that rallied at the call of “Let’s roll!” and kept  that plane from reaching its intended target.

We need to remember too that the government that failed this country during that time of testing has left yet another glaring testimony to its feebleness. A decade has past and what remains are two giant holes where they are still building the replacement for the Twin Towers.

It took only about eighteen months to build the Empire State Building. It is a scandal that ten years after 911, what should have been a priority and our statement to the world that you cannot mess with America, remains a void. Shame on those in government who allowed this to happen–shame on us for putting up with their bureaucratic incompetence.

America’s story is not over—not yet. Nevertheless it is incumbent on us to commemorate the valor of our first responders and that of our fighting men and women in the military by remembering the individual initiative and sacrifice made by them.

It is my earnest prayer that “We the People,” will once again strive for the “Blessings of Liberty”—endowed by our Creator and take responsibility and fight to take back America and defend America from threats, internal and external.

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