Perry and Thrust

I was at the Redstate Gathering when Perry threw his hat into the ring for President. I knew nothing about him, but he sounded good . . . then. Since that time several issues have surfaced which have convinced me he is NOT the man we need in the White House at this critical juncture in the Grand American Experiment.

First our perilous economic, unemployment, and national security crisis cannot be realistically addressed until we seal our borders—period! Yet as Governor of Texas Perry chose to use tax payer monies to pay for tuition for illegal aliens. That tantalizing bait to attract illegal immigrants into the U.S.

Secondly if you watched the CNN/Teaparty debate, Perry made it clear with his executive order to vaccinate underage girls against HPV that he believes that government knows better than parents what is best for their kids. This is problematic.

Haven’t we had enough of that with the current regime interjecting government into our private lives?

Some have tried to muddy the waters by blaming Bachmann for “harping” on this point. That is irrelevant to what Perry chose to do. The fact is, regardless of what Perry says he would do different, that he felt as the “President of Texas” he was right in using government power to push his agenda.

Lastly Mr. Perry has steadfastly refused to tell the American people where he stands on vital Second Amendment issues:

  • The UN “Small Arms Treaty” — a global scheme currently being worked on and pushed by Hillary and Obama that would gut the Second Amendment
  • The elimination of the ATF — the federal department responsible for smuggling weapons to Mexican drug cartels, and then attempting to cover their scandal up
  • Would Rick Perry veto or sign a bill to reauthorize the so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban, which banned certain full capacity magazines and many types of semiautomatic firearms?
  •  Whether or not he would sign or veto legislation to eliminate the 1993 Brady Registration Scheme.

Additionally we need someone who understands the world security threat of Islam, et al. The threat posed by Iran, Pakistan, and North Korean is nothing like the nuclear threats of the Cold War era posed by Russia/Cuba. I don’t think Perry has a good grasp on this and Ron Paul is totally clueless.

We absolutely do not need nor can we afford another radically liberal socialist president like Obama or Hillary Clinton and we another globalist, RINO President like the Bushes and for my money Romney has proven himself just that.

I have not made up my mind yet as to who the right person is for the job of President, but I think Perry, Paul, and Romney NOT–they are all choices America cannot afford. True conservatives of every jersey must forgo the TV handsome face and the flower rhetoric and look at what the candidate has done, even if it is not in the field of politics.

We must necessarily take a microscopic look at the choices before us or our legacy to our children will be that of inaccessible success, strife, and relative poverty. Emotion over reason will doom us to more of what Obama and his unaccountable czars and appointees have wrought already.

God help us—God bless America.

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