ACORN Redux-You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!

Before I get to my main topic allow me to give you the results of the CrossChek poll; now ended. I asked if the following  statement would be a good foundation to for a government philosophy. The statement was “A better and peaceful world is possible — a world where people and nature come before profit.” It definitely sounds utopian and good.

Twenty percent (20%) said Yes. That is, they thought a government based on this philosophy would be a good form of government. Forty percent (40%) said No and yet another forty percent (40%) were Not Sure. Now the statement is rather vague when out of some sort of context so don’t feel too bad if you were in the sixty percent that said yes or were shaky on it.

However the quote is taken directly off of the home page of the Communist Party USA‘s website. This is the same Marxist ideology John Lennon sang about in his song “Imagine” which has a hauntingly, beautiful melody, but a diabolic message.

Indeed the Bible tells us that a better and peaceful world is not possible until Christ comes again. Another bit of a give away is the phrase where people and nature come before profit. The “Green movement” (nature) is totally Marxist and anti-capitalist. Tacit in this statement is that nature is equal to people (animal rights side of the green movement)–again this is antithetical to biblical teaching.

My point is how deceiving and subtle America’s enemies, and ours, can be, especially in the postmodern (some would say post-Christian) era we live in. Indeed Obama himself has referred to the U.S. as a post-American nation. This provides me  a great segue into my topic.

ACORN was involved in many instances of voter fraud at the behest of the Obama machine in the 2008 Presidential elections. The bad news is Obama and his minions are now much more entrenched now than they were then. It is going to take a lot of guts, time, and money to dig him out, but dig him out we must.

He also has the socialist Jewish anti-Semite, billionaire George Soro funding, not only Obama, but many radical leftist organizations. This makes the task even more difficult. We need to be willing to donate money to Senate races all over the country so the liberal Republican and Democratic Senators can be abolished. I did that in the 2010 elections and have already donated to races in Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada and others. I don’t say that to brag, but to show I am putting my liberty where my mouth is–you need to pitch in too.

What used to be ACORN, has splintered into several other organizations. This too will make it increasingly difficult for right-minded (no pun intended), law abiding citizens to be heard. Make no mistake the devious, demonic goals of what used to be ACORN have not changed they have only deepened. So the coming election is going to be a bloodbath, and it may be a literal bloodbath.

The following video put out by the American Conservative Union will, I think, be singularly instructive.

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