The Beginning of the End?

I have written before about how critical the 2012 election cycle will be for American, as have others. I say that because I believe it in the essence of my being.

I have endeavored to be objective based on my empirical knowledge of the candidates that have past legislative track records. I have listened to all the debates to discover what the candidates, both known and unknown believed. My research also extended to reading other conservative pundits and blogs to uncover the truth underlying the candidates’ rhetoric.

The Iowa Caucus must be looked at as paradigmatic of the caucai and primaries yet to come. I have written a number of blogs on the candidates since the Redstate Gathering held in Charleston earlier this year.

The results of Iowa are in and unfortunately they do not bode well for our country. Like the frog being slowly boiled—we are just about done, but do not know it! Indeed, this could be the beginning of the end. Let me explain.

Rick Moran in his article for this morning said this in regards to the Iowa Caucus entrance polls:

By far the most important issue among caucus goers was finding a candidate who could beat President Barack Obama. Nearly 1/3 of attendees said that electability was their primary concern and Romney won nearly half of those votes.

In my opinion this is where years of touchy-feely, emotive “thinking,” has left America vulnerable. The majority of Americans do not know how to think critically, to think in terms of First Principles.[1] It is the existential result of the postmodern world in which we live where politically correct thinking trumps common sense and reason.

Underlying all of this is a weak Christian Church that is biblically illiterate and therefore has no epistemic basis for understanding first principles. But I digress.

My response to Moran’s quote is that these folks that say “electability was their primary concern” are in actuality, fleeing from electability, but there are a certain nuances here.

Firstly looking good on TV is not the end-all to beating the left—or to anything. Secondly the key to beating the radical Democratic Party is to demonstrate that your ideas are better and more substantive than the Democrats. Additionally you must not be swayed by anyone from clearly articulating conservative principles and arguments. Thirdly you must have a track record (not necessarily legislative) of doing what you say you will do and not flip flopping.

Romney does look good. Romney even sounds pretty good. But Romney is a liar—I know a nicer word would be flip flopper, or disingenuous, or misrepresent—it all is the same. Since he has already established socialized medicine in Massachusetts, how is he to effectively argue against Obamacare.

As you no doubt know by now Romney came out on top in Iowa with Santorum a hair’s breadth behind—statistically a dead heat. What is more unfortunate is Bachmann’s exceedingly pitiable showing.

I must admit I was astounded by Bachmann’s last place finish (Huntsman was never a factor). She won the straw poll and is a native Iowan. I really thought she would likely finish in the top two or three.

After my personal due diligence over the past year I am convinced Michele Bachmann was the best choice …  and yes, she could have beaten Obama. The left’s play book, especially the race card the Democrats are so fond of playing would have been much less effective against a woman—especially Michele Bachmann.

I admit I did a lot of thinking about Bachmann’s electability myself, but after watching her in debate after debate, I became convinced she was not only electable, but had the best chance of beating Obama and . . . and rolling back his agenda of destroying America—which is what it is all about.

Romney on the other hand has virtually no cards to play against Obama, let alone a trump card. The truth of the matter is there is effectively no difference between any of the remaining candidates.

The remaining are varying shades of RINO. Only Perry is truly pro-life, and will stand for the 2nd Amendment. None of the others are or will.

None of the other candidates have the intelligence background or the knowledge of Bachmann to effectively handle the national security threats in this world—least of all Paul.

Some talked big on the immigration problem, but talk is not going to stop what is not only a national security threat, but a big criminal, and economic threat.

We still have a chance to at least stem the damage if we get a strong majority in both the House and the Senate, and we need to get a real conservative Speaker in the House, like Bachmann.

These are my thoughts – please I would welcome your comments.

[1] First principles lie at the basis of inquiry.

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