Fold ’em or Hold ’em

Folks–please, drop the emotion, lose the “follow the herd” mentality and let’s use the reason God bestowed on each of us. Pray that God would give us a true Constitutional conservative and use the mind He gave you to analyze the options.

There are four men in a shootout on Main St. The trick for us is not to get hit by stray bullets in the cross-fire.

We hear constantly about electability. It ain’t that simple. It is also not just “about the economy stupid.” Lets look at the truth—not hype– fact and truth, and we’ll keep it simple.

Romney is not a conservative—he’s just not. One word sums him up “Romneycare.” How is he going to debate, let alone defeat Obama when he initiated government run healthcare and did it before Obama?? Regardless of how Romney characterizes it—that is the truth.

Gingrich could get elected on his brilliance and debating skills alone—but look at the real Newt—who can trust what he will do if he got into office? Will he be better than Obama—sure, but we have a lot work to do to roll back three years of fiat Obama-rule because the House and Senate did not do their jobs.

Paul followers are non-thinking groupies. Paul has some good ideas, but he also has disastrous ideas. If some terrorist sets off an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) device there will be no economy to save. I said NO ECONOMY TO SAVE–game over.

He talks a lot about the Constitution, but America has two founding documents. The other is the Declaration of Independence, which Paul virtually ignores.

But Paul has an absolutely, absolutely, destructive (to America) grasp of how to safeguard America’s citizens against foreign threats.

I have done a lot of study of Islam and you will not appease them—period! They will attack Israel and they will destroy America, either from the inside out or by terror. It is as sure as the Sun coming up tomorrow morning. It is mandated by their holy documents, the Qurán and the Sunna.

Then there is China, North Korea, Cuba, et al.???

That leaves Santorum. Rick Santorum was not my first choice, but he is the closest thing to a true thinking conservative we now have. He is also not, in my opinion the egotist, the others are and, I believe, he would listen to his constituents.

Take a minute to listen to this. You can hear more enlightening commentary here.

Use the comments section, agreement is not necessary–what do you think?

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