Rick Santorum is the closest thing to a conservative in the 2012 candidate race. I do not agree with him on everything, but he is probably right on 85% of the issues and more importantly his views and record on the critical issues speaks volumes to me. And he is electable.

Rasmussen reports Santorum now trounces Romney 55% to 34%. The CNN poll and Pew Research give Santorum a 2 point lead, Public Policy Polling (PPP) has him at 15 points over Rombo. Gallup shows Romney leading with 2 points over Santorum.

Those in the GOP, such as the GOP old guard, need to leave their biases at home and realize Romney is too problematic and is NOT electable. He is simply not a conservative, plus what is his argument against the leftistas going to be against Obamacare when chose to saddle Massachusetts with a like top-down government healthcare program? The GOP needs to back the thinking conservative in this race.

Anyway, I just thought you might like to see Santorum’s new ad. It is not profound, but kind of cute and check out the slightly heavy Romney lookalike.

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