In Memoriam

He was extremely handsome this one—and no dummy either. Boy! was he good looking!

All the girls used to fawn all over him I’ll tell you. They could never keep their hands off of him.

But he was always the perfect gentleman, as well-mannered, loyal, trustworthy, and as loving a friend as anyone could have.

At the same time he was not afraid to let you know if you were out-of-bounds. I remember one time about ten years ago when he bloodied my nose. I guess I had it coming and truthfully we were much closer after that.

He was also strong-willed, opinionated, and quite feisty as well, but he was always here by my desk whenever I was writing or working.

I am going to miss those playful elbow licks reminding me—HEY–I’m here. And those sloppy wet kisses on my nose.

I will miss those dark auburn eyes encircled by his spectacles, those white paws with a hint of black, and his white mane rippling in the wind. I will miss that distinctive walk that only Keeshonds have. Of course, he lost that along with his leg.

Boy he hated those big brown UPS delivery trucks and he let the drivers know about it too! That cost him a leg about five years ago, just before Christmas.

That was a rough Christmas for all of us, especially me—I mean, he was my best buddy . . . but he was a fighter. He never gave up on you and he never gave up on himself.

Even with a leg missing and degenerative kidney disease he was still the Berkmeister. And even when he was beset by the micro-maul seizures he never gave up, he never quit, he never lost his dignity.

~Berklee finished well~

When dawn came stealing up,

All gold, and blue, to interrupt our rendezvous

I still remember how you smiled and said

Was that a dream or was it true?

Our homeward step was just as light

As the dancing feet of Fred Astaire

And like an echo far away

A nightingale sang in Berklee Square.

We will miss you Fuzzer—you were the best!

Rest in Peace Berklee

May 14, 2000 – Feb. 17, 2012

Thanks to Karen Berlin, Berklee’s good friend, for sending me this verse of The Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square, by Eric Maschwitz and music by Manning Sherwin.

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