Don’t End Up Like Actor Nicholas Cage

Is your home safe, really? Maybe not so much. You need to read this tip from an e-letter I subscribe to from Absolute Rights.


One Simple Home Defense Secret

Actor Nicholas Cage Ignored This Rule…
And Woke Up To A Deranged
Man Standing Over Him & His Wife!

by Damian Campbell

Action star Nicolas Cage is sleeping next to his wife. His two-year-old child is off in dream land down the hall and…

And then he woke-up at two in the morning…  To a man standing stark naked over his bed.

Wearing Cage’s leather jacket–and only Cage’s leather jacket–

The naked man was eating a Fudgesicle and watching Mr. and Mrs. Cage sleep.

“I know it sounds funny…” the Huffington Post quoted Cage as saying, “but it was horrifying.”

It’s a weird story.

But it also raises an even more disturbing question…

How did this crazy guy break into the secure home of one of Hollywood’s most famous and successful actors?

Did you know that sleazy criminals know a simple way to disarm most deadbolts–with no damage–using a screwdriver and a 2 dollar key?

You have to know more about this… in order to protect your home.

We’ll get to that.

First let’s get some background on how most B&E (breaking and entering) crimes happen.

Where most criminals enter your house

You may not know that every 12 minutes, 82.8 property crimes happen.

BUT, only one robber gets arrested in the same time-frame.

That means the other 98.8% of the criminals are walking free on the streets.

And how are most of these intruders entering your house?

In your front or back door.

More than half of all burglars get in this way, and almost half (40%) of all break-ins don’t use force.

You can go ahead and lock your door if you want to, but if you use the same types of locks that most of America uses…

The sleaziest, craziest criminals can pass straight through your door with little effort and no damage.

And they get their training on the internet.

I’m going to tell you all about how they do it and what you can do to prevent it. But first, I want to tell you a short story that might surprise you…

All the Proof You Need
(Good Thing The Bad Guy Didn’t Use The ‘Silent Break-in’ Trick…)

An Illinois woman heard her door being kicked down (she was in her basement working on a project).

She went upstairs to investigate.

A young white male, 6 feet tall, was on the other side of the door. When he saw the homeowner coming, he ran away on foot.

That’s a lucky break.

If the young guy had known this cheap trick to open any locked deadbolt…

With almost no noise…

The lady would have never known an intruder was in the house…

I don’t even want to think about what could’ve happened.

With a Screwdriver, a 2-Dollar Key, and 10 Seconds… a Criminal Can Break Past Any Deadbolt With No Damage

It’s called lock bumping.

I said earlier that more than half of all break-ins happen through a door…

And that 40% of break-ins don’t use any force…

Well, this is how they do it.

They get a generic house key from the hardware store. Then they do an easy but unusual thing with the key before they leave the store…

But on moral grounds I’m going to leave that step out.

After all, I don’t want anyone to use this article to break into your house.

They take this special key and slide it into your deadbolt, turning slightly.

It won’t turn all the way–after all, it’s not a copy of your key.

It doesn’t matter.

They tap (or “bump”) the key with the butt of a screwdriver just a couple of times.


The deadbolt slides right open, as if they were coming home from work.

Only now the intruder is in your house, getting down to business.

Kind of scary isn’t it?  That’s why I’ve put together some simple steps to help you defend your home:

4 East Steps to Keep Intruders from
Walking Into Your House

Obviously the best security systems are digital alarm systems, an attack dog, a full-time security guard, cameras, and even a gun in the house.
But most of us don’t have every single one of those things.
So I wanted to give you a couple steps you can use right now… so intruders don’t think that your house is “open for business.”

  1. Turn on lights outside your door. Make sure all your neighbors (if you have any) can see your front door from their house.
  2. Don’t hide your keys in obvious places… Trust me. Robbers know all the usual spots (door frames, welcome mats, and fake rocks in the bushes…)
  3. If you’ve never changed your locks or reset your pins since you moved in, do that this weekend. (You never know who the previous tenant lent keys to…or who has them now.)
  4. To prevent lock bumping… there are a couple of brands of door locks that can’t be “bumped” to open. Talk to a lock smith for some good recommendations.

This will be a good start for you, but one thing you should also try to find is good neighbors.

Hopefully now you understand how vulnerable your home is. But I hope I didn’t scare you too much.

My goal was to give you a handful of useful tools that you could use right now… to triple your home’s defense.

Prepare Now,
Survive Later!
~Damian Campbell

P.S. Another good trick for home security is to get an alarm system sticker or yard sign… just the thought that you might have an alarm is enough to make most criminals go to the next house.

Remember, they want the easy kill, and it’s important that you put up a fight.

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