Religious Liberty Going, Going . . .

The National Rifle Association strives for to maintain the single freedom bestowed on Americans by the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arm. They posit that if we lose that liberty all others will follow.

Other organizations bravely stand for the First Amendment, or for life, or other rights–all good things.

Nonetheless I don’t think any of our liberties are necessarily mutually exclusive, they are all designed and are all intertwined in a web of freedom shielding our individual liberties from government, domestic and foreign, from intruding and breaching those liberties set forth in our founding documents.

Our founding documents are not just the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but also includes the Declaration of Independence as well.

Possibly the most critical of these is our religious freedom, our freedom to worship the God of Creation. Unlike Islam, people can worship as they please, but lest we forget America is founded on Christian principles and is a Christian nation.

America is NOT Buddhist, NOT Hindi, NOT Mormon, and certainly NOT Muslim–but America, even postmodern America while allowing all religions, is by-and-large, Christian. It is the Christian religion that provides an objective moral standard and compass for the U.S.

Please check out this link for a short video, before reading further.

Mitt Romney is not telling the truth–for example:


“In my personal view, it’s the right thing for hospitals to provide information and access to emergency contraception to anyone who is a victim of rape.”


“No, absolutely not. Of course not. There was no requirement in Massachusetts for the Catholic Church to provide morning-after pills to rape victims. That was entirely voluntary on their part. There was no such requirement.”

Quin Hillyer in his article “Romney “Lied” About Forcing Catholic Hospitals to Provide Abortifacients,” in The American Spectator calls out former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for his blatant false statements at the last Republican Presidential Debate held a few days ago.

The larger problem here is that Obama is the initiator of this contraception debate to veil the Christian and Constitutional liberties being stolen, as well as the economic and national security failures of his administration.

Unfortunately the Republicans are falling for this ploy.

Nevertheless Rick Santorum is the only, the only, candidate left standing who can possibly stop our Christian can from being kicked farther down the hill by the extremely socialistic Democratic Party.

If you have read this far, take another 30 seconds and check this video out.

I would value the opportunity to hear from you.

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