Dhimmi in Dumbed-down Britain

America is blindly following in the wake of jolly old England and Europe as well. What Mr. Spencer and Mr. Coren speak of is happening in Britain. Do you think America is much behind?

So we see this kind of thing is becoming more frequent in America as well.

Take for the example this incident in Philadelphia:

In Philly Ernest Perce, marching in a Halloween parade wearing a Muhammad Zombie sign, was assaulted by Talag Elbayomy, a Muslim immigrant who admitted attacking the victim.

Both men called police to report a crime, both kept walking, and when they ran into police Sgt. Brian Curtis and related the story, Curtis explained to Elbayomy that Perce had every right to express his constitutionally protected viewpoint. Elbayomy was subsequently arrested and charged with harassment.

Elbayomy said he believed insulting the Prophet was a crime, and that he didn’t know American law allows for such representations of Muhammad. He also testified that he felt compelled to fight for the Prophet because his 9-year-old son was present at the parade, and he needed to set the proper example. [Excuse me? Since when has a lack of knowledge of the law ever been accepted as a viable defense?]

In Judge Martin’s courtroom, however, the law took a back seat to the judge’s personal feelings. First, the judge refused to allow the corroborating videotape to be entered into evidence. He then disregarded the testimony of Sgt. Curtis on behalf of Perce, because Curtis did not witness the confrontation. Martin then dismissed the case for a lack of evidence, referring to the incident as “one man’s word against another.” He concluded the proceedings with a lecture–directed at Perce for his lack of sensitivity.

So much for the first amendment and the rule of Law.

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