Crush Depth: Laying Out the Stress Points ~Ch. 1~

This is second excerpt from Before the Final Trump. A plea for the Church to return to Jesus’ mandate to make disciples, not converts. The first installment is here.


The Seeds of 21st Century America

The atheist looks at evil and declares, “There is no God; a loving God would not permit ‘evil.’”  To the atheist Christianity is internally incoherent.  Of course, atheists never proclaim that “because there is evil, there must be a Satan” or “because there is good in the world, there must be a God.”  Yet to be fair, many solid Christians ask the same question: “How can God allow evil?”  That was Job’s conundrum millennia ago, and it is a question still simmering in today’s society.  Cognate questions raised in today’s society are: “How can Christians claim there is only one way to heaven?” and “How can you believe the Bible when it’s ‘riddled’ with errors?”

The answers to these questions have been discovered by millions, those willing to search them out.  Of course millions more have either rejected the evidence or taken on hearsay the conclusions that fit their presuppositions and lifestyles.

Liberty or License?

The secular humanists (atheists) are all for “freedom” and “choice,” but it is really license they crave.  Tacit in liberty or freedom is responsibility, although you won’t necessarily find that in modern definitions.  License, on the other hand, is an out-of-control freedom to break the established, time-honored, societal rules and mores.  License is employed to justify a woman’s “right” to kill the unborn or to rationalize extramarital sex with members of whatever sex charms a person.  It never occurs to the “natural” man that God designed into us free will because God loves us and wants us to love Him freely.  Forced love is no love at all.  That is why He allows our will to choose, even when the choice is wrong.

God chooses not to disallow sin in this age but rather to exterminate it permanently in His timing for eternity. That is the heart of God’s plan.  That is the reason God does not “send” anyone to hell.  It is by their choice that people find themselves there.  When you think about it, it would be cruel indeed to make a man who spends his whole life hating and fighting God to spend eternity in God’s presence ruled by the person he hates.  Moreover I can assure you man’s end is not, as the old saw declares, “someone all dressed up with no place to go.”

The Islamic Connection

I believe the war in the Middle East has virtually become an Islamic slight-of-hand performance.  How so?  Consider that a magician or illusionist successfully fools his audience because he draws attention to one hand or event that is doing something flashy, distracting the audience’s gaze from the critical part of the trick being executed by the other hand unnoticed.  I doubt this was the original, long-term strategy of Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, or other Islamic groups, but America and the world’s politically-correct thrashing about has arguably played nicely into their latest campaign for world domination.

For the most part, everyone’s attention in the West is on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan shielding Islam’s machinations.  No administration, from Bush 41 to the present, and none of the press or the liberals have taken the time to really understand the truth about Islam.  And it is becoming more and more evident to my mind that President Obama is probably a closet Muslim, at least sympathetic to Islam, if not in fact a Muslim himself.

Islamic organizations are being allowed to set the curriculum in schools from the lower grades through colleges.  They are even mandating politically-correct training regimens that are supportive of Islam in our intelligence agencies.  This is the second counterforce trying to crush America and the Christian church.  Don’t discount these assertions out of hand.

Islam’s subversive tactics and agenda have been exposed by Paul Sperry revelations in his book Infiltration and by another more recently released undercover exposé entitled The Muslim Mafia, which specifically reveals the seditious activities of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).  The revelations should be extremely disturbing to every American and even more so to Christians.  Yet the Obama regime that has seized the reins of power in this country not only have turned a blind eye to the facts unveiled but also are, in fact, facilitating CAIR in a lawsuit against the authors of the Muslim Mafia.

Does the U.S. have the strength of character, morally, spiritually, or even metaphysically to stand against the onslaught of Islam.  Does the church?  These are prime questions.  That is the challenge facing America and the Christian church.  I believe at the end of the day it is only the Christian church and hopefully America as a nation that stands alone against Islam.  Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe cannot or will not stand with us.

Islam is metastasizing and is a systemic infection throughout the world.  Even though it is thrust upon us daily in the news, there are those who do not perceive Islam to be the dire threat it is.  Either they willfully ignore the truth of its threat, or what they hear and understand about it has been sifted through government propaganda and the biased anti-American “mainstream” media.

What in the World is Going On?

Out of postmodernism a larger dragon has surfaced and its name is globalism.  This is the third horn in this three horned dilemma in which we are enmeshed.   Again, the first horn is our battle against the secular, postmodern cancer.  The second horn is the struggle against the resumption of Islam’s imperialistic march for global domination.  Within this third horn of globalism emerges a set of forces even more difficult to perceive, nevertheless it is there to see for the perspicacious.  Globalism is systemic and deeply imbedded in the atheistic, postmodern world system.  It is not as monolithic as Islam and therefore is imperceptible to most of our culture.  It influences all strata of society, yet society, for the most part, is not cognizant of its existence.  It is like water running through a stretched-out hose —you can’t see it, so you are not aware of it until you get to the end of the hose and see the water spilling out and saturating the ground.  To detect it is one thing; to comprehend it cognitively takes some study.  Again most do not see it for much the same reasons already stated.

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