Reveille, the Flag, and Honor

We just celebrated Memorial Day and Flag day is this coming Thursday, June 14–this is National Flag week.

The message in this video is unspoken, yet it speaks boldly; especially to those of us that wore the uniform of this great land’s military. It speaks about the honor, the dedication,the freedom, the love of God and Country–all swathed by Old Glory.

Men like Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr., the son of President and Colonel “Teddy” Roosevelt, who at age 56 demanded to be allowed to lead men on “D-Day.”

His request was granted. Diminutive in stature, Roosevelt, a giant in courage and leadership, led his men in Operation Overlord in the first wave to hit Normandy, at Omaha Beach. Armed only with a walking stick and a pistol, “he repeatedly led several groups up the beach and inland. General Omar Bradley described Roosevelt’s actions as the ‘single greatest act of courage‘ he witnessed in the entire war.”

Over 9,300 boys were cut down on the Normandy Beachhead. General Theodore Roosevelt Jr. died shortly after of a heart attack. His son Quentin Roosevelt II (named after the junior Roosevelt’s brother who was killed in WW I) was also in the attack; “the only father son duo known to fight that day.”

The meaning conveyed by the historicity of events above and the video below are lost to those in this current administration and those on the left politically and culturally.

They do not–will not, ever understand the sacrifices made and the freedoms sustained.

Take eleven and a half minutes and watch. Semper Fidelis

My friend Tom Foltz sent this video to me. Thanks Tom.

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