The New Amerika

Hitler’s Brown Shirts (the Sturmabteilung or SA) were Nazi enforcers’ whose primary function was “providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies and the disruption of opposing political parties and the intimidation of Jewish citizens.

Likewise Mussolini’s fascist Black Shirts served a similar function in Italy.

America now has citizens freely exercising their brutality against fellow Americans. They are called Union thugs. They don’t have any “shirts” but they freely beat, murder, and intimidate those who disagree with them…

“That is the way union leaders and members are portrayed in the movies, but that is not real life—right? You are right . . . it is worse!

Take a couple of minutes and watch this video put out by the National Right to Work Committee. They are trying to help push this country back from the abyss. They are gathering support for the Freedom from Union Violence Act. FUVA would close the loophole in federal law and finally allow authorities to prosecute union officials for inciting violence. As it is they have complete impunity to act against those who disagree with their ideology, or even just their desires.

Please watch the video and act as your conscience guides you.

[~***Warning***~ The violence shown in this video is 100% factual and may be disturbing for some. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Please sign the petition

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