Walt Disney’s Mundane Kingdom

I realize it seems like I am coming “late to the game,” in a manner of speaking, but of the commentators and talking heads, both conservative and liberal, that have remarked about Obama’s “you didn’t build it” rant it seems a singular point has been overlooked by each of them or possibly I just missed it. But here is my thought.

To my way of thinking the elephant in the room, is the fact that government on any level has no money to build any roads, or bridges, or parks, or anything without money. The government generates no revenue! Government’s sole source of revenue is . . . wait for it . . . that’s right–TAXES–our taxes, the people’s money–government has no money of its own.

Who pays front-line taxes?[i] Entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, business owners, and private sector workers, that’s who; that is where the money govco runs on comes from. 

I grew up in Southern California. We moved there about 1951. I grew up watching the Mouseketeers, on the Mickey Mouse Club, and Disneyland on black and white TV; Fess Parker was Davey Crockett. I also had the obligatory crush (along with millions of other young lads) on Mouseketeer Annette Funicello.

One of the best exemplars of how out of touch Obama is; how fallacious his ideology and thinking is Disneyland. Obama’s premise is antithetical to a dream like Disneyland and all the subsequent Disney parks worldwide.

Let me tell you about my experiences with Disneyland and Walt Disney himself.

An Early Visit

I went to Disneyland in Anaheim California the first year it opened in 1955; I was nine. It was like a carnival or state fair, only infinitely better, and cleaner. My memory is that you had the option to buy your ticket as you went on each ride or buy a book of tickets. The rides were different prices, reflecting their “funness factor” and popularity. But all were like nothing else in the world—it truly was a Magic Kingdom! It was unnnbelievable!

I remember thinking, as I walked out the gates on my way home, after that first glorious trip to Disneyland, “That was great! But I will never be able to come here again—it is soo expensive!” I don’t recall the exact pricing 55 years ago, but the “E rides” were the best, the “A rides” the least popular.

I Did Go Back

But I did go back though, many, many times. Somewhere after about 30 visits, I lost track. Disneyland was a visionary’s dream, and a child’s dream; NOT a mundane kingdom, but a truly magic kingdom created by a brilliant entrepreneur, Walt Disney, who loved kids, loved this country, and loved the conservative principles this nation was founded on.

Indeed, I met Walt Disney on one of my visits. I don’t remember how old I was; maybe high school age. Walt Disney evidently would go out and walk around meeting people. I remember he had plaid pants on and a plaid shirt and tie that all clashed. When I spotted him he had stopped to pose for a little boy who was taking a picture of him. Mr. Disney noticed the boy’s lens’ cap was still on and with a big smile on his face went over to help.

After the picture I walked over, I think I was with my parents, and said hi and shook his hand. He then walked on, still smiling, no crowd following him, he was just wandered through the kingdom he created bathing in the happiness it brought to others.

Walt built Disneyland Mr. Obama! And Disneyworld and all the other Magic Kingdoms all over the world.

No government could do that on its best day! Not efficiently. The “vision” would come by committee and thru committees who would end up over budget and it would all be over regulated.

It was Disney and Disneyland that put Anaheim on the map. Indeed Anaheim was nothing but a bunch of orange groves in the 40s and ’50s. That is why the county was called Orange County.

It was not the Anaheim roads, or the Anaheim bridges, or the Anaheim bureaucrats, or the California governor—it was Walt Disney, who through his vision enabled Anaheim to morph from a sleepy agricultural community to a world-class city.

I think Disneyland is an excellent example of how antithetical and out of touch Obama’s ideology is with America’s first principles—a shining city on a hill; a Magical Kingdom.

[i] By “front line taxes I mean taxes that come from sources that originate and pay taxes on earned revenue, as opposed to government workers that pay taxes on their income, but their salaries are paid for by the private sector. While the government pays their salaries, their income, like everyone else’s is taxed, but their very incomes are paid for by taxes taken from the private sector.

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