Obama’s Dishonorable Disclosures

In my previous blog, SOS-Special Ops Speaks I chronicle how Obama breached, not only the sacred trust of his office, but the security of our nation and those who put themselves at risk to safeguard America. And he does so for his own ends and to advance his own agenda and political fortunes.

Make no mistake, Obama does none of this through error or miscalculation.  No, he knows exactly what he is doing.

The video below was made by OPSEC, a political committee designed to stop politicians from leaking ultra-sensitive intelligence and methodologies that compromise national security, people, and operations.

Their organization exists for two purposes as stated in their mission statement:

First, we seek the removal of political benefit to those disclosing classified/sensitive information pertaining to special operations and intelligence activities.

Second, given the practice of public disclosure of classified or sensitive information pertaining to military or intelligence practices and methods by this administration.

You will not find the information in this video (run time approx.. 22 mins) on the main stream media. You will only find it here and on their website.

America is at risk!

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