Obama’s Truth

The definition of truth is, “that which corresponds to reality.”

Obama is using his government take-over of General Motors as part of his 2012 campaign sub-slogans. Funny how he never talks about the thriving GM dealerships he shut down. Here in Charlotte, NC it was Arnold Palmer Cadillac with two franchises–both shut down while less successful dealerships for more politically pragmatic reasons were not.

Also nobody talks about the peripheral businesses arbitrarily closed and tens of thousands of works cast into the street. Business like Delphi, GM’s primary parts supplier. Also Nobody talks about the millions of dollars of lost pensions of those non-union folks who lost a life-times, “savings” sucked away, for one man’s Marxist agenda. The union members did not lose their pensions and the non-union pensions that were grabbed were 86% funded!

Here is the truth:

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