When it comes to ‘God’ in our political platforms, less is more? — A Response

What follows is my response to the most recent blog post of Roger Tharpe, a brother in Christ and a fellow blogger. Since I am responding to Roger’s post the voice and tense are controlled by this context. While written with good intention much is left ambiguity–hence my response, which is not a response to his entire post just to key points.


There are a number of points I would take issue on in your article. I do not mean to be harsh in any of what I write, only corrective. Nonetheless Christians “treading lightly” and withdrawing from key areas of our American culture is responsible for why this country and the Church are in such an anemic state.

God has given the stewardship of the world to man (Gen. 1: 28-29). This is usually thought of only in ecological terms, but I don’t think God is that narrowly focused. I think stewardship is inclusive in all we do; how we spend our time, how we live our lives. This includes being politically active. We must use our minds and reason to vet and elect those who serve us.

Your basic premise “We have separation of church and state for the purpose of avoiding a theocracy” is fallacious.

By “we” I must assume you mean Americans. But there is no separation of church and state in any of our founding documents. Thomas Jefferson first used the phrase in a letter written to the Danbury Baptists. It is from this document that it was pulled and has been henceforth used by atheists and anti-theist, et al. as a fulcrum to ban God from the public square.

Unfortunately due to the teaching vacuum in and of history, human laziness, and a number of other reasons the antagonists to God have been remarkably successful with their agenda.

You are right in regards to a theocratic form of government in terms of what it will be during the Millennial Kingdom (I am Premill.) and in the final Eternal State. A theocracy on earth cannot work! The reason is a man must still lead, not God. One only has to look to the Book of Kings to see the fiasco garnered when a man is king.

In Judges we read, “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (17:6). And yet every king God allowed to reign, except Hezekiah and one other, who’s name escapes me at the moment, ruled wickedly. Israel’s problem was that it was Yahweh that was to be Israel’s King. They are His Chosen People, but Israel rejected Him—they wanted to be like the other nations.

While you are hermeneutically right in what you say about “governing authorities,”let’s think a little deeper. By that I mean, ask the question who are the governing authorities in America—who? Is it the President? Is it 435 people in the House; 100 in the Senate?

The answer to all of these questions is an emphatic NO! Why? Because America was founded by Christian men and women fleeing persecution from living under the tyranny of man-made government. The government in America is not a king, or dictator, or even the President.

I wrote fairly extensively on this in an article Time, Infinity, and Jelly Donuts on my blog so I won’t take up anymore room here except to say America’s governing body is “We the People” and our liberties come from God; not government. By the way we are also not a democracy as we so often hear, we are a Constitutional Republic.

Roger you hit it on the head; the very reason men are so antithetical to Christianity is because we are in the last days. Nevertheless, it is not merely God, but particularly Jesus. Indeed it is the case that we have been in the last days since the days when Jesus walked the earth as a man and the Jews; his own people rejected him. I believe one only has to look at the global attitude towards Israel or look at the hatred of Islam for Jews and Christians to see this, but there are many markers; the signs are endemic for the astute and all Christians especially, should be especially astute.

It seems to be the case we are indeed nearing the end-of-the-end; the Celestial Clock is running out. Only God knows when, but it could be in even in my generation or yours.

Note: Click on Jefferson graphic for more wisdom from Thomas Jefferson.

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