Winners and Losers

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, “America’s Toughest Sheriff” is a man that believes in the rule of law and believes he answerable to those who elected him—the people of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Arizona also has a courageous Governor Jan Brewer, also stands for the rule of law and has diligently been trying to protect those who live in the state of Arizona from the unending flow of illegal aliens, gun runners, and human traffickers into Arizona and through Arizona to other states. Arapaio and Brewer are Winners.

Unfortunately Obama and his corrupt sycophant Eric Holder; caring nothing for the rule of law or the safety of the citizens of Arizona (or any other citizen) are doing all they can to obstruct and encumber the work of both Brewer and Arapaio.

The leftist Obama regime has brought lawsuits against both Arapaio, and Brewer, and the state of Arizona. Happily the Fed, has had minimal success against Arpaio and Governor Brewer.

You may have heard that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the most crucial aspect of Arizona’s tough illegal immigration law; S81070. Indeed, Arizona’s law as drafted was copied from existing Federal immigration laws.

The part of the law that they found constitutional was the requirement that law enforcement officials determine the immigration status of suspected lawbreakers. This was an incredible victory for all who believe in the Rule of Law. Clearly this Administration does not!

Even before the ink had dried on the Court’s decision, the Obama issued an order that the existing agreement between federal and local law enforcement agencies regarding the detainment of illegal immigrants would be immediately suspended.

By the way Obama has unlawfully used Executive Orders to neutralize the will of the people and shred the Constitution 160 times—more than all of the Presidents in history combined!

What does this mean? How does this affect real people in the real world? Sheriff Joe explains:

For years, my department has worked side-by-side with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to detain and deport illegal immigrants. Now, in the wake of the Court’s ruling, that will no longer be the case for most instances.

What the Obama Administration has done here is to further handcuff local law enforcement agencies from doing their job. Even though the Supreme Court has determined this will be the law of the land, this President and this Administration has simply chosen not to participate.

Why would the Federal government do this? Sheriff Joe continues,

Their hope—and their motive—is that I will no longer arrest and detain those people that are in this country illegally. As I said on that historic day [when the Supreme Court ruled]: ‘I’m not stopping anything. I’m going to continue to enforce those stale laws regardless of what the federal –government is to put pressure on me to satisfy all these activists.’ . . . I stand by those words. . . .

This is a pure politically-calculated maneuver on their part in an effort to garner support from the Hispanic community. No longer do we live under the promise of the Rule of Law. Now our government and elected officials will pick and choose which laws to enforce so they can cater to this group or that group. This is a violation of our principles in a democratic republic and I will not stand for it.’”

Of course Obama and Holder are pandering to the Hispanic community here in this country and in Mexico. Nonetheless the largely unspoken fact, a fact of the greatest moment is that it is not just Mexicans coming across our borders, but it is our enemies, Muslims—cells of Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah that are streaming across.

Just last week Holder, in a speech to the National Council of La Raza (The Race), openly warned Arpaio that if he enforced the law would be met with consequences. The day is coming when Eric Holder is going to meet the consequences of his actions in working to undercut the laws of the sovereign United States.

In his debate with Paul Ryan last week, Biden stupidly said (stupid is, as stupid does) that Iran had no missiles to launch a nuclear weapon if they had one. First, as with anything with this regime, that is bull-feces. Iran has already successfully affected long-range missile tests (see here and here).

Second, with our borders wide open our enemies can carry a nuclear device into our country and put wherever they want. We would have no warning!

Indeed, polls from the Center for Security show that Floridians and Ohioans believe Iran would arm terrorists to attack America.

On top of this Russia who has been supplying Iran, et al., has developed what is known as the Club K. Club K is a stealth system where by four missiles are concealed in what looks like an intermodal container. The missiles can be activated and fired remotely via satellite signal.

This is why it so critical to seal our borders now. We are fortunate to have true patriots like Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor Jan Brewer that stand and fight for the First Principles upon which America was founded on; not letting arrogant, narcissistic, socialist statists run roughshod over the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Indeed, it is not just about security in Maricopa County or Arizona as Sheriff Joe states:

Whether you live in Maricopa County or not, please understand that my efforts to stop the flow of illegal immigrants in this county affect your community as well. Maricopa County has become the gateway for human smugglers to place illegal aliens in “drop houses” before they are picked up and sent elsewhere in our state and our country.

This is just one more illustration, out of many, of just how critical this election is to our liberties; our freedoms, and our future heirs. This IS OUR LAST CHANCE.

We must make sure the Losers, Obama, Holder, Biden, LOSE!

And we must do it NOW.

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