Mom and Dad–It’s Your Fault!

Now, I don’t know if you realize how truly sick the socialist Democratic Party has become—but it really is a cancer. Truth is whatever they say it is—regardless of how big a lie it actually is.

Of course the Left is desperate; Obama is getting his a_ _, ahh—his head handed to him. He has nothing left but the Left’s patented mudslinging, innuendo, blame America first, name calling, and of course, the chil-hedrun. They do it all for the little chil-hedrun.

Of course it is not about the children at all, but they have no qualms about using children for their own greedy, self-serving political ends, such as this commercial made by a left-leaning ad agency. I guess they think, somehow, in their small, twisted, minds this is going to help Obama and their Leftist agenda.

This video has now been taken down by the Democratic Party

Nonetheless, the words are listed below.

Imagine an America.

Where strip mines are fun and free.

Where gays can be fixed, and sick people just die, and oil fills the sea.

We don’t have to pay for freeways! Our schools are good enough.

Give us endless wars on foreign shores and lots of Chinese stuff.


We’re the children of the future, American through and through.

But something happened to our country. And we’re kinda blaming you.

We haven’t killed all the polar bears, but it’s not for lack of trying.

The Earth is cracked, Big Bird is sacked, and the atmosphere is frying.

Congress went home early. They did their best we know.

 You can’t cut spending with elections pending, unless it’s welfare dough.


We’re the children of the future, American through and through.

But something happened to our country, and we’re kinda blaming you.

Find a park that is still open; take a breath of poison air.

They foreclosed your place to build a weapon in space, but you can write off your au pair.

It’s a little awkward to tell you, but you left us holding the bag.

When we look around. The place is all dumbed down. And the long term’s kind of a drag.


We’re the children of the future, American through and through.

But something happened to our country. And yeah, we’re blaming you.

You did your best. You failed the test!


LITTLE GIRL: (dramatic music) Mom and Dad, We’re blaming you!


Indeed, I have never in my life observed such sick, patronizing, self-absorbed behavior as this bunch of Democrats and this Administration have exhibited. God help the U.S.A. if they should be able to cheat their way to power again.

The true irony is that the indictments they make of conservatives/Republicans/real Americans–is indeed exactly what they are doing to this country and the world.

Now they are the little boy who cried “Wolf”–people are on to them now.

2 thoughts on “Mom and Dad–It’s Your Fault!

  1. In my personal opinion, based in part on how I was raised by my parents, EACH AND EVERY ONE of the kids in this video should have “their ass whooped” and sent to bed with no dinner! I AM SERIOUS! Actually, so should their parents… and I’d be GLAD TO DO IT!


    • I know where you are coming from Stan. But I must say that the kids are all really too young to “get it.” There parents on the other hand are a different matter–perhaps they need to move to a more “social” culture. Perhaps Venezuela, or Cuba, or perhaps they would enjoy China as a new home.


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