Christmas – 2012

Christmas is upon us. Jesus Christ came to us as a small baby and left this world as a resurrected Savior and King—the King of Kings. As a studied Christian, I know God is in control.

Nonetheless, for many of us in America it is seasonally uncomfortable. No, not the weather, but with the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama we have entered a season of hate and darkness; bigotry and lies—that is who Barack Obama is.

It is to no one’s surprise that he surrounds himself with the most radical leftist, hateful, hating, deceivers he can—he’s very good at it.


He could not get Susan Rice confirmed as Secretary of State after her performance subsequent to the Benghazi debacle, so now he wants John Kerry to be confirmed as Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton was a nightmare as SD, but John Kerry is a proven, though unindicted traitor.

I served in the Army. I did not go overseas; being deaf in one ear I would not have lasted a week in Vietnam, but I served. If I had done even a small portion of the traitorous deeds John Kerry did I would have been arrested and in the stockade.

And long before I had done all the treasonous deeds Kerry did I would have been put in front of a firing squad. I would have been shot!

Kerry demonstrating in uniform

Kerry being the Teflon Traitor the accusations never stuck, why is beyond me. Indeed he was somehow able to advance his political career trampling on the name of those who served with him; who served honorably and with distinction.

Of course this all falls into perfect unity with Obama’s philosophy and worldview. The Navy Seals Obama betrayed set forth the treasonous atrocities he committed after the Seals took out Bin Laden.

The Swift Boat Vets have a new ad out against John Kerry which I cannot embed. Additionally I have rerun their old ad from 2004–old, but not outdated.

In this season we must remember our God still reigns. Honor the Christ-child, for Christmas is about Him. But we must still keep fighting for the right, just as the first-century disciples did. Like them we must die, if needs must.

We must continue the fight folks, even though America is not a player in God’s End Time Plan, we must be ever faithful to those who went before us and gave all AND for all of those who will come after.

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