Boehner and other spineless RINO’s are destroying America

Bohner deals with Obama

Earlier this month, a steadfast minority within the House Republican Caucus  slapped their wanton Leader right across the face for his sordid attempt to seduce them into getting just a little bit pregnant by raising taxes on millionaires. Bravo for them! The “B” in Plan B now stands for blunder after the upright Republican minority rejected John Boehner’s pass at their virtue and forced him to withdraw “Plan B” for a lack of a majority.  Taxus interruptus, you might call it.

John Boehner’s tawdry seduction failed but the battle over taxes is not yet won, far from it.

But then Speaker Boehner got caught out with his pants down in the full glare of the U.S. House of Representatives trying to wheedle libertarian conservatives into yielding to his advances and then holding hands with him while telling their constituents, in their best Bill Clinton impersonation, “We did not raise taxes with that vote.”  No, Mr. Boehner, like pornography, libertarian conservatives outside the Washington Beltway still know a tax hike when they see it, even if Mr. Norquist doesn’t.

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